donderdag 1 september 2011

My first week in Beijing

Hey everyone!
Sorry that I have been so quiet lately. Ever since I arrived in Beijing a week ago it has been quite busy: moving in my room, registering for my university, meeting new people and other things. Meeting so many people has been hard as I already am not good with faces and names. Meeting over 30 people within a week and then remembering all of their names is too overwhelming!

First of all, when a person stays for longer periods in another country, he needs to get some housing, which is the first thing I did when I got back to Beijing. I got to my room in Zhongguanyuan Global Village, which are the new dormitories of Beijing University. Settled down in my room, but unfortunately, as the people that watch my vlogs know, I have a wall immediately in front of my window. Watch my youtube video “The rambling in Beijing” for a short tour through my room.